Is this site open source? Can I learn Ember from it?


As I said in my topic title, I really like ember to build my single page web app. By the way , I’m a chinese developer and my English is poor. So don’t be surprised with my poor language, I just want to get useful resources here. Thanks a lot.

I’m wondering why not making a pagination of the posts list ,because I don’t know how to make a lazy loading of posts .Good appreciate to who can help me. Sorry for my poor English .


Sure, the project is open source and it is at


I recommend that you also look at this custom view, made just for that purpose.


Thanks for your help.


yeah,that’s cool.I found the deverloper around me using ember is not so much.So I will spend most time here to rebuild my app which is writen in pure jquery code.Thanks.


Discourse is definitely what many would consider a “Flag ship” product for Ember, but it might not be the best learning resource, especially for beginners.

The code base is rock solid, but they have done a lot of very “Discourse-y” things to Ember that can make it a hard product to decipher.

If you don’t have the Ember inspector extension for Chrome yet, go get it. It gives you a high level, visual overview of an Ember application’s structure. In my opinion, this is the best way to start examining Discourse.

Once you’ve gotten a feel for how everything is structured, you’ll be more comfortable digging around in the source code.

Just to clarify some of my issues with Discourse as a learning resource:

  • heavy use of customized version of ember object. (Discourse.ObjectController instead of Ember.ObjectController
  • Ruby/RoR based asset pipeline
  • Not using Ember Data
  • At this point, it’s just flippin’ huge.

All totally understandable/good practices, but definitely can make your head spin if you’re just getting into it.


You should know that list-view doesn’t have any support for lazy loading.


Thanks for your reply,and I’m rebuilding my app with Ember.js which is developed using JQuery and native js codes.So,my purpose to learn a JavaScript MVC Framework isn’t just hava a look at it.I want to have a deeply learning.

And I have tried Angular ,but I can’t get the point and feel that’s not suit for my work.I will have a try at Ember inspector extension ,it should have been a firefox extansion there?Thanks again!

#9’s a custom view without lazy loding.I can do this in mine way with native js or JQuery and css,but I get confused in Ember.js way.


The inspector does indeed exist for Firefox. And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out TodoMVC for basic comparisons.


Ah, good to know. Is there something that does?


But in the discourse use Discourse.Model.And I think find some example not use Ember Data to learn how to design the model.