Javascript fatigue and ember

This is an issue that I’ve run into personally in wanting a way to integrate a less “robust” (heavy) framework and starting to sprinkle in a lot of unmaintained libs. As a dev, you quickly realize the costs of not going with convention, but still lament that code bloat is a real thing particularly on the client. Unfortunately I don’t have a solution, but thought it made sense to share with the great Ember community the fact that many people are struggling with similar issues.

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I had read a similar topic focusing on framework fatigue a couple of months ago. Incidentally, that pretty much covers what lead me to consider Ember in the first place: in the ever-changing, twirling world of js, maturity and stability are of very high value if you:

  • Intend to build something that lasts for more than 3 months, and
  • Cannot afford to have 2 full-time developers doing nothing but keeping up to date with framework/lib evolution and death.