JsHint errors only reported once



Is this normal that all jshint errors disappear after fixing one of them, for example? Restarting ‘ember server’ doesn’t help. How do I see the error again?



I’m noticing this same behavior. When I first run ‘ember serve’ or ‘ember test’, all of my jshint errors are shown in the console. After the first execution, they are never shown again unless the .js file with the errors in it changes.

Is this desired behavior? Is there a way to always ensure jshint runs for every file, regardless of whether it has changed or not, every time I run ‘ember serve’? At the very least, I’d like to see errors for all files when running ‘ember test’.

By accident, I discovered that removing /node_modules/broccoli-babel-transpiler/ and re-running npm install will ‘reset’ whatever is happening, and I’ll be able to see all of my errors when running ‘ember serve’ or ‘ember test’.

Is no one else seeing this?


I still don’t have a solution for this annoying problem


I believe that this is now fixed (as of broccoli-jshint@1.2.0).

See the following for context: