Manual bootstrap of ember app. Possible?

I want to have an ember app, that is included on all pages of the website, but is actually run only after logging in. In other words, I want to tell the ember app “start now” as opposed to it starting automatically after web page/js is loaded.

For example, before logging in, I want to use ember to adds bits of functionality such as rendering simple components. Also, before logging in, the Ember JS javascript files are downloaded so that when the user does log in, it appears to be a bit faster in loading.

After logging in, the Ember app will actually load and route navigation will start.

Is there a way I can do this with ember-cli?

I am using ember-cli-rails, if that matters.

This seems to be supported by Ember-CLI, but documentation is pretty minimal on this subject:

I think you’re looking for deferReadiness.

Thanks, I ended up using deferReadiness.