Missing ember-state



New to Ember and trying to get my first test up, just checking for setup as per a tutorial:

module "Ember.js Library",
  setup: ->
    Ember.run App, App.advanceReadiness

  teardown: ->

test "Check HTML is returned", ->
  visit("/").then ->
    ok exists("*"), "Found HTML!"

I’m getting the following error:

Error: Ember.State has been moved into a plugin: https://github.com/emberjs/ember-states

Do I have an outdated ember.js (using ember-rails)? Or should I just install the plugin? If so, what’s the recommended way to do that?

  • Oliver


ember-states was extracted from ember, so you should install it by yourself.


What’s the recommended way to do that, keeping in mind I’m using ember-rails?


Ok, solved (I think)

Created a app/assets/javascripts/support dir and dropped ember-states.js there. from application.js I required support/ember-states