Move from controller based application to component

Dear Ember.JS community,

I am building a map application for my dog training club. We are specialized in helping finding missing people. In order to organize our training, we need an application to draw trails and add items on them etc.

I’ve started an app using Ember-Cli and OpenLayers-3. The application is working nicely, but I would like to move the code from controller based to component base approach.

I would like also to use more routing as at the moment, I have only one route and all user interactions are handled using actions.

I’ve setup a repository on github for those who would be kind enough to help me:

if you want to checkout the code and test the app localy, you’ll need to modify the referer using a header mod in your navigator to use

You can see a beta of the website at that page :

Thank you in advance,

I have also posted my request on stackoverflow, so I apologize in advance if I am hurting someone with the cross-posting.