Music App Needs Mad Scientist Who Loves Ember

My name is Tanner and I am the Director of Technology at The Music Bed. The Music Bed is looking for some talented help with our web app to make it responsive and move the front end to be a full Ember app. Our server-side application is built using PHP, specifically the Laravel framework. Our app uses AJAX, it is a single page app, has a music player, canvas generated waveforms, non-BEM CSS syntax that we need to redo with that structure. Currently we are milking pjax for all that it is worth, it’s pretty crazy, and we’ve gotten some compliments on how we were able to pull off what we did using only pjax.

I’m looking to get in touch with a skilled developer or two. Responsive/mobile aficionado who can work with complex JavaScript. We have money and are looking to work with someone on a contract basis, location can be anywhere.

And…this is going to sound dumb, but don’t go to The Music Bed on your phone. We are responsive down to 767px, because we have to tackle this beast. Hence this post. :smile:

And if you are wondering if this is a cool project, we work with musicians and filmmakers, and watch this film we put out:

And this other film we put out two weeks ago:

We work with super talented filmmakers, we have one on staff full-time and he does amazing work. We work to enable musicians and filmmakers do what they do best. We are really focused on quality and want to work with someone who is super into Ember and understands mobile.

Shoot app examples, your GitHub profile URL, and a fancy message to

Peace! Tanner