Name of editor theme for code in the documentation?

Does anyone know the name of the theme that is used for code examples in the Ember documentation? I want to use it in my editor. :slight_smile:

Welcome! From looking at the guides source it looks like it’s using Prism.js for syntax highlights with a few overrides. If you want to replicate this in your editor you could either look at the colors in your browser inspector or look at the Prism themes source for the colors.

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Thanks, I didn’t think to check for open-source docs. If I’m in the correct repo, it looks like it might be a custom theme? I’ll create a theme for my editors from those colors.

Ok yeah I was looking in the guides source, API docs might be different colors but maybe they’re just copied over and they are the same, not 100%. Either way I think you’d need to make a custom theme though. Good luck!

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