Performance Monitoring Tools

What are the community’s current favorite addons and SASS vendors for RUM (Real User Monitoring) for an Ember app?

I’ve tried a couple of tools in the past and found them wanting, largely because of the issues called out in this post Measuring and Optimizing Performance of Single-Page Applications (SPA) Using RUM | LinkedIn Engineering.

Do we have a turn key solution that ‘just works’?

Hey there! I wrote an addon specifically to solve for this: GitHub - elwayman02/ember-interactivity: Latency Tracking for Ember Applications

You can check out the demo here: Ember Interactivity Demo

Here is the TLDR from a slack conversation with @elwayman02.

  • Install ember-interactivity
  • Pick one of the many analytics platforms available. Mixpanel is good for low budget / early stage projects because they have a favorable free tier. Mixpanel, and a few others, can be integrated with easily using ember-metrics.

Thanks @elwayman02 for the tip and the great open source work!

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