Pods: Do you have a solution or workaround to refresh styles on change?

Hi there, I’m experimenting the use of pods for my components and I love the structure. Although, Ember-CLI doesn’t seem to like the style.scss file in my component folder, every time I make a change into it I have to restart my server. I know pods are still experimental but I’m wondering if there is a way / a workaround to allow the refresh of the styles without restarting the server every time I make a change? Thanks.

You don’t need to have a style.scss file in your pod. In your app/styles/ directory, you can have a components directory, which has a _component-name.scss file that you can update and refresh styles as you update the file.

There’s also this add-on, which might be useful to you: https://github.com/ebryn/ember-component-css

@vikram7 I don’t have to, just like I don’t have to use pods :slight_smile: but the beauty of pods is to have everything in the same folder, the component folder in my case.

I found a way to have my style to refresh, simply by saving the main app.scss file.