Switch between online and offline data storage - local storage and ember-data

I the ideal world a user could fetch a to-do-list from the server while being online and work on a copy of that data while being offline. By “work” I mean:

  • Reading the existing items
  • Adding new items

No need for editing in the first step. No need for edge cases.

I’am aware that it would be possible to solve this by getting a couple of JavaScript gurus and give them a couple of month time. But I think that this scenario is such a common one that I’d like to know what the Ember.js core team thinks about it. One of the big advantages of Ember.js is convention over configuration. So I don’t want to invent a wheel today which I’ll have to rebuild in half a year.

Could you share some light? Is this a topic which will be tackled in 2013?


Any plans to implement offline storage?

I’m working on a combination of LocalStorage for offline and manually synching changes. It’s not ideal, but I’m thinking of ways to maybe encapsulate some of this patterns into a hybrid adapter.

Did you see this forum post? Looks like he’s got something mostly going:

Thanks @csterritt I found that one and also replied on that thread. I’m looking forward to see the outcome of that, but I don’t think that it’s something directly useful for us considering the back-end dependency that PouchDB has.