Tutorial or material to get started with AWS


I’m starting using Ember and in my app I’d like to connect with my AWS account and use its services. I downloaded the AWS SDK for Javascript and tried to use it following this tutorial http://docs.aws.amazon.com/cognito/latest/developerguide/tutorial-integrating-user-pools-javascript.html but until now I am not able to do anything due to some erros on Ember (it can’t find the aws-sdk dependency to be imported into my js files) before being able to connect with my AWS account.

Searching for help, I found this article https://aws.amazon.com/pt/blogs/developer/creating-and-deploying-a-serverless-web-application-with-cloudformation-and-ember-js/ that contains a example that uses AWS services, but I was wondering if you could know other materials that contains examples showing how to do it, rather than just showing the project done. It would be of great help.

Thank you in advance.

Hey @amandaBrito, what exactly are you trying to do with AWS? Obviously AWS is a huge collection of services and it would help to know exactly what you are trying to accomplish to avoid pointing you in 100 different directions. Are you just trying to host and ember app with an existing backend? Write and host a backend server and also host an ember app? Host an ember app backed by a “serverless” backend via API gateway and lambda?


My intention is to use the Cognito API in my frontend project, hosted in AWS, and it will access a REST service, written in Java or Python, hosted in AWS too. My ideia was to configure and use the AWS SDK for JS in my ember files from scracth, to learn how it behaves and see if this SDK is really the best option to solve our problem.

Hi @amandaBrito, there are a couple tutorials with repos here for running an ember app with AWS Serverless backend and Amazon Cognito User Pools:

With CloudFormation/SAM:

With AWS Mobile Hub:

Both on GitHub as well: