Node + Ember-Cli + Authentication(JWT) Tutorial needed

Hi community,

I am desperately looking for a fully covered tutorial or example app of how to build an application that covers Ember-Cli interacting with a Node Server to achieve authentication. (Login, Signup, JWT)

It doesn’t matter if it’s an online course, a video or a paid subscription.

Everything I found online was not really up2date or too difficult to understand as a beginner.

Thank you very much in advance.


Take a look at this: and perhaps

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Indeed, there isn’t that much about this subject. The Auth0 blog has some good articles, this one is on Ember.

If you want a deep dive and are at EmberConf (or hesitated to go) I’m also doing an authentication workshop there.

Plus, we’re doing remote workshops on the same subject, regularly (jointly with EmberMeetup). We haven’t yet decided on next dates, so please sign up there to be notified about when those dates are: