Using `addon/index.js` in ember-cli 2.3.0


Previously, when I’ve defined a my-addon/addon/index.js, I could then do import myAddon from 'my-addon'; and get whatever I exported from my addon’s index.js. Unfortunately, this is not working in an addon I just started. Does anyone know if something has changed concerning this?

Ember 2.0.0 -> 2.3.0

Ember CLI 1.13.8 -> 2.3.0.beta2


I just published an addon with Ember @ 2.3.1 and Ember CLI @ 2.3.0 that has the same design. Everything seems to check out so far:

Are there any errors that you could replicate or examples that you could show of how you’re attempting to export a default module from addon/index.js?