Circular dependency when building with ember build but i dont know where to find it exactly


I Just noticed yesterday that when building my project (ember 3.3) with ember build, i have à circular dependency warning displaying on the console. The same happens with ember serve, but the webapp is not up.

I was wondering what i should do ? My real probleme is i cant serve my webapp ans i think it is related to a circular dependency in my project.

Thank for your help

If you’re using yarn, yarn why some-package might show you why you have a circular dependency

well i don’t think that will save me because my error look like this : Circular dependency: …\ABOUNG~1\AppData\Local\Temp\broccoli-3272pr6pi3CylfIO\cache-175-rollup\build-private\system\model\model.js -> …\ABOUNG~1\AppData\Local\Temp\broccoli-3272pr6pi3CylfIO\cache-175-rollup\build-private\system\model\internal-model.js -> …\ABOUNG~1\AppData\Local\Temp\broccoli-3272pr6pi3CylfIO\cache-175-rollup\build-private\system\references.js -> …\ABOUNG~1\AppData\Local\Temp\broccoli-3272pr6pi3CylfIO\cache-175-rollup\build-private\system\references\belongs-to.js -> …\ABOUNG~1\AppData\Local\Temp\broccoli-3272pr6pi3CylfIO\cache-175-rollup\build-private\system\model\model.js

Is your Ember-Data also 3.3? Are you using any Ember-Data specific addons?

yes my ember data is also 3.3, i don’t use any specific add on, For information, i have also an error : "Could not find module ember-resolver imported from "

thank for your help

For the Ember-resolver issue, do you have something like this in your package.json?

"ember-resolver": "^4.5.2",

i hadn’t i before, but i could resolve my issue by importing a package.json from a fresh project created from ember-cli 3.3

Yeah, Ember init would generally set that up in your package.json for a new project. Have you resolved the circular dependency issue as well?

I had the same issue with ember 3.6 and per @runinspired in Discord

“you can ignore that”

“I’m going to try to find a way to silence that”

“ember-data uses both rollup and typescript, typescript causes circular (but resolvable) dependencies that rollup then complains about (but works just fine with) I’ll backport whatever fix I come up with to stable releases so folks don’t have to see this forever :heart: