Core Team Meeting Minutes

I thought these were every two weeks? Is the core team done with updating us on what’s going on internally?

Same here. Really looking forward to the update. It looks there are a lot updates in the HTMLBar repo.

Me too worried, no news, not even minutes, just when I have been lobbying to use ember in a project, peers look at activity, and see this.

You are right! We need to be better about keeping y’all up to date on the things that we are discussing. We do hold the core team meetings every week (generally on Fridays). I generally prepare an agenda for each meeting (to help keep us focused on important tasks), and we hit as many items as we can in the allotted hour.

I have gotten a bit lazy in getting the meeting minutes out, but I will make a concerted effort to get better about it.


If there’s anything I can do to take the load off of you guys, let me know. If you have some sort of unformatted recap of the meetings, I could possibly have them transcribed and posted on the forums. Let me know!

I freaking loved being posted every now and then.

Updates on release status would be nice too. I was hoping we’d get to see what was in the 1.7 beta this week.

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I agree, this goes beyond the meeting minutes. The lack of official news on anything is concerning. There doesn’t need to be a big news article, just some brief details on what is being worked on / progress would be nice.


New meeting minutes is up, it explains the current delay with 1.6.0 and 1.7.0-beta.1.


Thanks for the update.

Is there somewhere you could point me that has more information about the transpiler optimizations?

Thanks, that’s exactly what I was after, I’ll follow that thread.