Ember.js with yeoman


i have a problem installing ember using yeoman: the installation basicaly went fine, its just that once i try to run the app using “grunt server” i get this on the command line:

Running “replace:app” (replace) task Replace app/index.html -> .tmp/index.html

by this action yeoman apparantly creates a copy of index.html in the .tmp folder, and shows it on the browser instead of the original index file. the result is a blanc page, (because the references to the script files don’t work from the .tmp folder…)

the only thing i found that seems to be related to this problem is this page: http://tech.pro/tutorial/1249/modern-emberjs-application-workflow-with-yeoman-and-mocha (under the line “management with bower” there’s a .tmp folder created, but i get this even without calling the “bower install” command…)

any thoughts?