Ember-koa-blueprint @EmberATX - 4/24/2014

Hey ya’ll, I started this project last night, and plan to present it at Ember ATX this month. The objective is to put together a starting point for your backend, built on koa, and finely tuned for Ember. If you don’t know about koa yet, it’s the spiritual successor to express.js, coming from the same team, and will be an even bigger hit than express.


I’m hoping to get an accompanying screencast out to go along with it. Make sure to show up!

Cool. I’m also interested on how you can predict the future? :slight_smile: Anyways, please share your blueprint when it’s ready.

I’ve published the slides to the upcoming presentation here, https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1kVqYcy7oWV61aOVu1i3bLOM82pM0c6ZNZGWoA87TIZc/pub?start=false&loop=false&delayms=3000

What makes you feel that it is a successor to Express.js? Seems like a bold claim to make. I have been watching things like the MEAN stack for quite some time but it seems like projects like Express.js are a dime a dozen. Would love to see more than an empty promise on why it is the future : )

Good luck.

For one, it’s designed by the same team as Express. TJ is actually not lead maintainer of Express since only a few hours ago, I’m thinking to focus on koa. Also, it is the future since you’re going to be using es6, and in the case of, koa, framework built on Generators.

Its literally as big as 'you can finally trust try - catch again!

Generators give you the ability to ditch callbacks and throw proper errors. There is no other framework that is even playing around with these concepts right now.

@ulisesrmzroch Will your talk be recorded?

Yes, and I haven’t asked yet but, thinking everyone else’s should too.