Ember Training Project


So I ran an ember training session at my company today, and to facilitate it I made this project;

It gives a stub example app, and has a cards route prompting the user to implement various functionality for an IMDB style site (Showing details, making relationships, routing, working with promises, handling errors, making components, paginating with query params being the main things covered).

It overrides the default blueprints for some things to provide hopefully helpful comments explaining various things that can be done with the various objects to help the user learn some of the finer points.

It uses a coffeescript/emblem stack, which I’m sure isn’t everyone’s thing, but it’s the stack we use at work. I’m thinking of switching back to handlebras/es6 going forward.

Anyway, it was really well received at work, and it obviously worked because I was on hand to help people move past issues and iron out things that weren’t clear in the cards. But I’m pretty proud of it and I thought it would be cool to share and possibly even take additional contrinbutions for more advanced topics.