Generate route hangs

Hello, I am new to ember, so probably doing something dumb, but the ember cli seems to hang when I try to generate a route. I put the details below, and am also curious how I would go about trouble shooting issues like this with the ember cli. For example are there log files etc.? I’m on Windows and not seeing any clues in the event viewer etc.

Thank you!

When try: ember generate route application It replies with: installing route ?Overwrite app\templates\application.hbs?

I enter “n” then see “No, skip” and hit enter

Then the ember cli just hangs - no out put or error messages. And the file is not generated. Need to close the terminal to stop it.

Output from ember version --verbose && npm --version && yarn --version: ember-cli: 3.3.0 http_parser: 2.8.0 node: 10.9.0 v8: uv: 1.22.0 zlib: 1.2.11 ares: 1.14.0 modules: 64 nghttp2: 1.32.0 napi: 3 openssl: 1.1.0i icu: 62.1 unicode: 11.0 cldr: 33.1 tz: 2018e os: win32 x64 6.4.0 1.9.4

The solution for me was to just delete the original application.hbs file so that the “Overwrite?” prompt doesn’t appear. So, must be something amiss with the Overwrite.