Creating a new cli project hangs on installing packages

I am trying to create a new project and running

ember new project-name

it creates the directory structure and then hangs on the installing tooling via npm part

Has anyone else seen this?

@Wayne_Douglas please report this as an issue on ember-cli directly, bonus point if you make easier to reproduce issue,

Which version of ember-cli are you running? (ember --version prints it)

I had an issue where it stalled due to bower-analytics prompt halting things in the background. Could be that — or something totally different :smile:

More details on the issue and fix (it’s merged):

version: 0.0.46 node: 0.10.32 npm: 1.4.27

I can see in the .bowercc that analytics is set to false :confused:

Try turning up the verbosity (of ember, npm or both), it may yield clues. E.g. ember init --verbose

----> Run ember new project-name in one cmd prompt ----->at same time run npm cache clean in another cmd prompt

project folder will be created w/o errors