Get Paid To Pair

I’m looking for an experienced Ember Programmer who would enjoy coaching an aspiring developer. Ideal availability would be around 5-10 hours this/next week for pair programming in the afternoon/evening (1-2 hours p/ day; Noon- 2 AM PST).

I’m a down to earth / personable entrepreneur a year into the insane journey to become a mostly self-trained full-stack developer. I’ve hit a wall recently w/ available resources (ran out of ‘low-hanging fruit’ on the Ember Tree) and am looking for an experienced Ember developer who understands new 2.0 framework changes & is comfortable demonstrating/explaining patterns found in current/beta/future versions.

Topics in need of expertise are as follows:

  1. Component/Addon Patterns & Implementation
  2. Dev-Ops
    -Dynamic Sub-domain Generation (Persisted)
    -Dokku/Lightning Deploy automation setup
    -On-page SEO Optimization; Fastboot* &/or Phantom
  3. Mobile / Event-Handlers/Observers API Creation w/ Sails?
  4. Automation (Grunt…)
  5. Multi-Step-Wizard
  6. E-mail & SMTP w/ Node

Bonus: Experience w/ Flynn, Data (schema) Modeling, Sass/Susy; Animation, Social-Logins, Drag-N-Drop;

Looking to pay around $50 p/ hour or more DOE/DOA.

-Need Digital Marketing Help? I’d love to swap skills; I can deliver organic first page results & improve conversions -I Don’t require one person to cover all bases listed below. If one topic is your jam, send me a msg. -Our product is in MVP stage; Quality help will have a head-start for many future opportunities on the horizon.