Language translation

Is their any way of translating languages(like the ones provided by google) in Ember? For eg: the users writes in english and after pressing a button converts it into, let’s say spanish. Is there any addon for it?

I did find google-translate-api ( but couldn’t make it work in Ember when i import it into my controller.It says Could not find module google-translate imported from translator/controllers/translate

google-translate-api is a node.js module. I just tried but ember-browserify but can’t get it to work yet. Perhaps we can create a bundle.

Created the bundle but it still does not work. If you like to take look my failing code is here.

The error is Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'prototype' of undefined

) = ReadStream$open

  var fs$WriteStream = fs.WriteStream
  WriteStream.prototype = Object.create(fs$WriteStream.prototype) = WriteStream$open

That it somehow errors on FS use is no good.

I don’t have more time to look at this now.

thanks for the reply, i’ll certainly look at this and try to figure it out