Make a copy of an Ember app


is there a way to make a copy of a whole ember app? i tried just copying and pasting the folder for the app, but i get this error when i paste it. “the file name(s) would be too long for the destination folder. You can shorten the file name and try again, or try a location that has a shorter path.”

i’m just trying to make back up copy of my app and can’t seem to find any info on this.



Microsoft Windows right?

This is exactly why I switched to Linux Ubuntu.


yes, windows 8… is there anyway around this?


Yes. Go to the Microsoft headquarters and burn the place to the ground.

Serious answer: I’ve been looking for a solution to this for quite a while, but I gave up. The Windows file system is horrible, not just with long path/file names, but with compiling and live reloading as well. Since I switched to Ubuntu my build times are just 25% to 40% of previous build times on Windows.


7-zip walks the path so it has no problem with long paths. But if you create a bare git repository on your backup it is much faster to backup using git push (no bower and NPM modules are backuped)


Git is of course the best solution but sometimes you really want a copy of your app. On windows the fastest way is to not copy node_modules, bower_components, dist and tmp and run npm install and bower install afterwards.


thanks, thats what i needed.


AND if you find you cannot delete node_modules because of those long file names, try creating a batch file with this set of commands in the root of the Ember app and run it.

@echo on
#rem this is a hack way to dump the big ol nodeModules folder with its deep file structure
mkdir empty
robocopy empty node_modules /mir
rd empty
rmdir node_modules /s/q

it works


Or install rimraf ( and run rimraf node_modules to delete the folder.