Nightly builds archive?

I’m trying to track down the cause of an annoying test failure updating our application from Ember 1.10.0 to Ember 1.11.1. There’s only one test failure, and it only happens in Safari. (Details are on Stack Overflow.)

I know the test passes in 1.10.0 and fails in 1.11.0. I know the issue isn’t the other dependencies which were updated (we also went from Ember-CLI 0.2.0 to 0.2.3) because I tried rolling back one dependency at a time, and the Ember rollback was the only one which allowed the test to pass.

I want to do a binary search to find the change which causes it to fail. However, git bisect isn’t working for me because I’m having issues building ember from the source. Rather than fight with the build, I’d like to try bisecting the nightly canary builds. Is there a place I can find a list of archived nightly builds to help me track down the source of my problem?

@locks suggested on IRC that @rwjblue would know the answer to this?

Progress report: I’ve narrowed my problem to somewhere between 1.11.0-beta.5 and 1.11.0. And I’ve investigated using bower link to use specific versions of Ember in the application for testing… but something’s missing there, because nearly every test including template rendering fails on those development builds. So an existing nightly would still be a big help.

Bump. I am still looking for an archive of nightly builds, because the structure of the git repository doesn’t lend itself to effective bisecting between release versions and tagged betas.