Show & Tell: A little Ember sandbox, built on Ember

I was amazed at how quickly this little pet project came together, thanks to Ember.

Source available here:


Just realised this would’ve been a great opportunity to try out Oasis.js.

This is awesome! Nice work! I’m gonna try out a few things on it and give you some more feedback.

First thing I noticed is the missing </p> in the index template.

What all do you have planned for this? Just some obvious one’s that’d be nice

  • Addition of common Ember libraries (ember-data, ember-model, emblem, etc)
  • Persistence
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Nice spot, cheers. Always forget something like that along the way.

Including extra libs would be cool. I think maybe another tab for including the URLs or complete <script src="..."> tags, perhaps with a few pertinent examples in there but commented out?

Persistence-wise, I was thinking maybe persist-to-gist. A bit like, except the sandbox would be able to auth, list, and commit to gists. Even just the ability to throw a /:user_handle/:gist_id at it and have it display the right thing would be cool, though I guess you can straight up use for that.

Okay, updated to support loading data from gists:

It’s using the latest Ember build with the new router, which is working like a dream.

Also, I forgot to wrap the teardown/setup within the iframe in an Adding this in has had the most astonishing effect on perceived performance. I’m kinda glad I forgot to add it, just to see what a difference it makes.

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First off this project looks awesome.

Second I like the idea of persisting to gists.

Also, it would be nice is there was a somewhat “official” persist option. Essential a PR to ember account.

The idea being that an instance could be pushed to a formal repository maintained by ember core team. A place to host official code samples and documentation snippets.

Also, would be nice to display all the version info upfront in the UI. Ember version, Ember Data, Handlebars, etc. The ability to toggle different ember versions would help in exploring regressions or bug fixes on an existing code snippet.


This project is now a collaboration between myself and @mmun. The roadmap is in the repo’s issues:

I really like the idea of displaying the version numbers, and have added an issue to that effect.

We’ve updated Ember Sandbox to Ember 1.0.0