Small community

Hey man :slight_smile: I think the reasons are highlighted a bit in this post (start from the end):

We need to make it easy for users to get help. There are three things that need to happen to do that: Firstly, we need to make it easy for us to help them, and secondly we need to make it part of our community that they’re educated on where to go if they get stuck. Thirdly, we need to encourage all users to help each other no matter what their level. Changing the documentation to be more educationally available would help that (see my previous comment about tests as a pedagogical resource), but also encouraging ALL users to help each other on stack overflow would be good (explain a flow of how to help out others).

When I’ve gone to stack overflow to help others, I’ve found it hugely innundating: there are just so many questions about ember, it’s hard to pick out the ones I can answer… generally it greets me with “5000 unanswered questions” or whatever, and I’m like… “how do I make a decision about which questions to answer?”. So, that needs to be carved up somehow (additional tags? explanation on our doc site about how to filter for particular tags?)

To foster a community of people who help each other by providing explanatory mechanisms and encouragement on how they can help each other :slight_smile:

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