Toolset concept for a offline client based website with ember, handlebars and

Hi ember community,

I need help to setup a client-side offline toolset to realize a responsive learning platform based on a website-application.


• run in a webbrowser (has to run on IE11 and higher) • no .exe or ActiveX elements • a Database (no sql - only txt, xml, js or similar) • only one html site (index.html) with dynamic content • a template system {{mustache}} with extend templates (*.hbs for example) • no server, only cliend based (Windows later possibly Android) • no Memberlogin or encoding for the dataset in the database

optional • bootstrap or similar • font awesome or similar

My toolset concept

• HTML (index.html) • Javascript • jQuery • Semantic Ui, Bulma or Bootstrap • handlebars • ember • database - javascript files based on handlebars as a replacement for JSON

Has someone a idea whether that toolset work with that requirements?

My big problem is that I can not use a server to realize the dynamic content system with outsourced templates without to overcrow the index html file.

p.s. all templates could have a different layout apart from header and footer

Thanks for help

Take a look at my GitHub - broerse/ember-cli-blog: Tom Dale's blog example updated for the Ember CLI example. If you don’t use a CouchDB backend it works offline the way you seem to want it.

Thanks for the reply, I will test it! :slight_smile:

Is it right, that I need node.js for emberCli? But node.js needs a webserver and emberCli this will not work for me because it has to be a offline website without a webserver. :frowning:

Yes you need node.js for ember-cli but not for the site you build with the command ember build. But if you want to run from file:///C:/index.html it will not work because browsers restrict javascript use to avoid people mailing harmfull index.html files.

To make it more clear for you test this:

npm install -g http-server
ember build
cd dist

Go to